Secure Quantum Connectivity

building a scalable quantum infrastructure

How to protect my business

Hardware and software solutions from Q*Bird

We provide ultra-secure communications and protection for your digital infrastructure, based on the laws of physics.


FalQon 4000 series

our Falqon® 4000 series integrates seamlessly with telecom and data communications.

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Our QKD simulator can be used for organisations to see, feel, and test what it would be like to use QKD hardware in their own environments

The key to quantum security

Our Technology

Today, it is very important to be able to exchange information securely over the global internet.

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Download our brochure


Quantum Communication

because of its unique and groundbreaking features, has the potential to completely transform information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

adds an entirely new layer to the IT security systems protecting an organization’s digital infrastructure.