Quantum communication

Today, it is very important to be able to exchange information securely over the global internet. Quantum communication offers a new way of communicating and securing our communication. Because of its unique and groundbreaking features, has the potential to completely transform information and communication technologies (ICTs). It can become a key technology for the digital economy and society of the future.

QKD adds an entirely new layer to the IT security systems protecting an organization’s digital infrastructure. QKD relies on the laws of quantum physics to prevent any third party from gaining knowledge of the secret key during transmission without being detected. We have developed a QKD product that provides highest levels of security and is suitable for many users in large networks. In the future, our network devices will also connect quantum processors and enable a quantum internet.

Our Quantum Key Distribution

Our unique quantum key distribution (QKD) technology offers the following benefits:

  • Multipoint-to-multipoint connection: each new user device connected to the network can automatically connect to all other users.
  • Cost-effective scalability: user devices are small, low power, and cost-effective
  • Enhanced security: confidential key information is only present on the user devices.
  • Future-proof: our technology and networks are designed to be upgraded with the most advanced quantum networking technology.
  • Field-tested: industrial partners have successfully deployed our technology in various environments in the field.