Developing high-performant, industrial MDI Quantum Equipment for European Networks (QUEEN), ready for certification and ready for deployment in operational telecom and enterprise infrastructures.

The Project

Quantum networking is a nascent commercial field with the potential to evolve into a strong European technology market. A key promise of quantum networking equipment is to provide a way of ensuring secure data communication, even in the advent of new powerful computers.

MDI-QUEEN has two broad objectives. The first is to develop quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) technology and operational capabilities for advanced quantum networks around Europe. Specifically, the project will industrialize next-gen Measurement Device Independent (MDI) quantum network equipment.  This important technology brings near term applications like QKD as well as crucial elements for future quantum information networks.


MDI quantum networking equipment offers secure, scalable, and multi-user network solutions for data communications. MDI networking devices have already been deployed in Proof-of-Concepts networks, and within this project the partners will deliver industrial-grade QKD equipment – already for certification – for operational telecom, datacenter, governmental and enterprise customers and environments. The project partners intend to:

  • increase communication data rates,
  • develop quantum photonic integrated circuits (PICs),
  • develop new industrial receiver units,
  • build stable and robust core network control and management software,
  • integrate with standard network equipment vendors,
  • prepare for CC EAL4 certification of equipment,
  • and prepare for integration with the forthcoming devices of the quantum internet

The technology developed in MDI-QUEEN will facilitate a transition to a quantum-safe communication infrastructure.

The second broad objective of the project is to contribute to the developing European industrial quantum communication ecosystem, and ensuring European technological autonomy.  The broad technological impact of MDI-QUEEN is only possible by uniting 4 partners with a unique breadth of experience, covering quantum optics, photonics, telecom, and cybersecurity.  Together the partners will strengthen the European ecosystem and help foster a resilient value chain for the upcoming quantum communication and quantum networking market.

The MDI technology is ready for integration with telecom industry partners, and the MDI-QUEEN project will push the operational capabilities of the MDI devices to new levels of robustness, integration, bandwidth speeds, and operational capabilities.

If you have any questions about MDI-QUEEN or want to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact us

The Network Technology

The MDI Network topology comprises Hubs connected to multiple Nodes – facilitating multi-user quantum network. In later stages (bottom row) Hubs will connect to other quantum devices e.g. quantum processors to facilitate quantum data transmission/teleportation between users. The MDI-QUEEN partners operate as part of the Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) to develop this goal.

Consortium Team and Core Partners



This project has received funding from the Digital Europe Program, project code 101091466.