Quantum secure networking

Q*Bird is a Delft-based company working on safe network technology for the future. Technology that can become even better in the future. The team has spent 4 years developing new systems for secure data traffic, called QKD systems, and integrated them with commercial customers, clients and partners in realistic environments, like modern tier-3 datacenters.

Q*Bird has extensive experience in creating and integrating these products with companies, for commercial and industrial purposes. Examples include:
A Pilot project with KPN and Cisco to deploy QKD system between 3 cities. QKD keys were used for encrypting data channels, streaming videos and sensitive IP distribution.

A field testbed between datacenters and PoPs launched with Eurofiber and Juniper. QKD Keys were used to encrypt data channels and live video streams


Operating at the forefront of quantum technology, we retain strong ties with QuTech and the TU Delft University. Q*Bird is part of the Quantum Delft and Quantum Delta NL ecosystem and embedded in the National Quantum Network program of Quantum Delta NL.

We are deploying various technologies with a variety of commercial partners (Financials, Telcoms, Data centers), including QKD prototype systems deployed in testbeds around the Netherlands such as Eurofiber’s Utrecht area network. This testbed is open for new partners to join and co-explore the possibilities of quantum secured communications.

Next-Gen systems will be launched in the Port of Rotterdam. Partners of the Port of Rotterdam will be able to participate in this multi-user quantum network and test securing their critical communication systems with quantum

Achievements & Roadmap

Today, we are building QKD devices for secure communication with quantum technology. This includes network communication devices for securely transferring data protected from even the most powerful computers, devices for sending qubits, hubs that generate entanglement and networks that provide multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity. And all are intrinsically more secure than point-to-point based QKD solutions

Tomorrow, we will enable quantum connectivity between quantum devices for general quantum networking applications. The same technology as that of our hubs will be used to connect quantum processing nodes and quantum sensors. Our systems will provide the basis for the quantum internet of the future.