We’re super proud! On the 9th of November, Q*Bird won the Telecom Society Netherlands (TSOC) Startup Award.

As part of the contest, Q*Bird CEO Ingrid Romijn delivered a four minute pitch on what technologies we are building, and how they can deliver secure communications. A good story does not need a lot of words, so we are very pleased to have our ideas validated at the very heart of the Dutch telecommunication industry. The jury highlighted how well developed the Q*Bird pitch was, which is notable because the field of quantum communications is still young.

Q*Bird CEO Ingrid Romijn, third from right

As part of the award, Q*Bird will receive a booth in the Holland Pavilion at the famous Barcelona World Conference in 2024, and we look forward to meeting the international communication industry there!

For further information on the role of quantum in the telecommunication industry, please contact us.