Q*Bird at the NATO Quantum Technology for Defence and Security Symposium

On the 3rd and 4th of October, Q*Bird attended the NATO Quantum Technology for Defence and Security Symposium.

Quantum technologies are developing rapidly in a number of areas including sensing, PNT (Position, Navigation and Timing), imaging, communication and networking and information processing.

Because these technologies can impact a broad spectrum of NATO’s capabilities, the NATO Science and Technology Board (STB) has expressed the ambition to increase its knowledge of this field.

Remon Berrevoets presenting at the NATO Quantum Technology Symposium

As part of this ambition, Q*Bird Director of Research Development Remon Berrevoets presented at the recent symposium, explaining the capabilities of the Q*Bird Quantum Communication technologies, including Multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity. In addition Dr Berrevoets covered future developments that will deliver connectivity to quantum processors, in addition to enabling a quantum internet.

A thorough understanding of quantum communications will be required to remain at the technological forefront of defense technologies, and Q*Bird is pleased to be an active part of this conversation.

For further information on the role of quantum in defence technologies, please contact us.